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YouTube | Passiflora (Passion Flower) Blossoms

I so am excited to share my next YouTube video!

This time, I focused on a wall of passiflora that our neighbor has grown. Andrew and I take mid-morning and early afternoon walks each day around our block. These walks only last about ten minutes each but they are a huge source of energy and inspiration for me. I feel like each time we walk through this section of the block, I transported to another place - somewhere, where there isn't quarantine and life, it is easy and breezy.

For my sketchbook, I played with the concept of the overhanging frond and while it is not actually here in this section of the block, I added in a traditional hexagon patterned sidewalk (pretty common where we live) into my illustration - art is all about altering your reality, right!?

Here is the process video on my YouTube channel if you'd like to watch me paint:

Materials used for this sketch (Click to Shop):

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