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My YouTube Creator Shopping List - Equipment Set Up

After some practice using bowls and books as makeshift tripods and camera stands, I cranked out two. Somewhat decent videos. Proof that you can use what you’ve got to make art - but let’s be honest, it was a P R O C E S S to make videos like that and it made a 30 minute painting session last for an hour and a half. That sounds great but it wasn’t time spent on painting, its was technical time spent adjusting angles and test shots and reviewing and then getting to paint. It definitely took me out of the “zone.”

I decided that If I am going to do this YouTube thing, that I wanted to do it in a way that made it not only easy for me to create art and video content but also resulted in videos that people would enjoy watching.

The above time lapse is using my new set up and all of the equipment mentioned. Of course, to see my previous videos please head over to my channel and like/subscribe. Below is my newest video (using my old way of recording).

So... Now, onto the shopping list. I did my research and came up with this set up.

Just so you know, for the actual video part I use my cell phone. I currently have an Apple iPhone 7 Plus. For video editing, I keep it simple and am using iMovie on my iPad. As I get more video making skills under my belt, maybe I will upgrade, but for now - iMovie offers everything I need/want so I plan to keep editing this way. Plus its essentially free since I already have the phone and iPad.

OBEN Tripod

This Tripod has a lateral arm. I would not be able to achieve the overhead view without this.
Its also HEAVY-DUTY and can withstand a windy day if you wanted to use it outdoors. Just like any other tripod, it had a level and adjustable legs, etc. At the shortest height, I use it on top of my art table to paint and its worked great so far.

Tenikel 2.0 Phone Attachment

Instead of getting a ball head for the tripod, I already had this Tenikle 2.0 mount. It screws on just like a standard ball head mount would. I like this more because it has three arms of suction that can slurp onto the back of my phone (without the protective case!) and it wont budge. The ball head would have only given me one viewpoint, with the Tenikle 2.0 I can play around with positioning a little more. I have the black one.

Miroco LED Floor Lamp

This lamp has a bendy neck and various brightness and lamp color settings. It’s been a great, “cheap” lamp for art making and photographing my artwork.

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