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Since writing about myself is easily the hardest thing for me to do, I'm just going to list a few things out. Let's keep it casual, right?! 

In the above photo, you can catch a peek of us, me and Andrew - my supportive and helpful partner in crime. Without him, I'm not so sure that I'd be confident enough to get my butt out there for my artwork or even be able to show up here, blogging again. So, without rambling on too much... on to a list of things that you may find interesting about me:

Bloggy stuff:
  • I started my first blog on LiveJournal... yes I am that oldschool.
  • From 2007 - 2012, I regularly wrote a fashion/ootd blog (under my old name - Teresa/Teri). I had some success with it but mostly it was a fun creative outlet that introduced me to the possibility of meeting people who were also creative and who I could connect with. Something I had very little of in my real life.
  • I walked away from blogging when my Grandmother passed away. It was a very difficult time for me and while I had a community online that was supportive, I unfortunately let my depression consume me and I took steps back until I ultimately deleted my blog one night.
  • Today, I am searching for that connection once more. Blogging was very special to me and now, eight years after deleting my blog I am coming back to re-explore this creative outlet.

Since leaving the blog life, I took to painting. Something I've always done in the background but never really settled into. When my grandmother passed away I used art as a way to cope with my feelings and to pass the time. Since 2013 I worked in the background and made a lot of art!

Artsy things:
  • I got to show in Gasparilla Festival of the Arts (46th annual)! Here is a fun video if you'd like to watch more about some of the artists and the festival itself. 
  • I started an artist collective that currently is home to 450+ creatives and growing.
  • I started showing and selling my artwork regularly at cafes and art markets locally.
  • I got to show my work in a LEGIT gallery and I also placed (2nd Place, 2D Work) in that first gallery show.

Now... I'm looking for a new way to blend my desire to return to blogging and my passion for creating artwork. I'm trying to connect with other creatives but also record some of the memories that I have collected over the past decade, for myself. I guess what you will find here is some day to day life stuff, mixed in with some art things and overall just a place to learn and grow and embrace creativity in whatever form it takes that day.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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